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Strategic thinking and anticipating trends, along with a solid understanding of town planning and local government enables us to be the fore front of opportunities.

Strong relationships with our Project Partners, Consultants, Lenders and Government continue to be a major part of our focus.

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With over 20 years’ experience in the property development industry, we have a successful track record identifying opportunities in a wide range of sectors including retail, commercial, industrial and residential.


Scott Juniper established Cube Developments in 2015 alongside Kirsten. With an extensive history in property development both in the family business, Juniper Development Group and his own ventures, Scott’s ability to acquire, develop and resolve projects through changing markets has been paramount to his career success. Scott oversees the business management and project portfolio.



Kirsten Juniper established Cube Developments alongside Scott. Kirsten’s experience and business management are integral to the successful operation of the business. She manages the strategy and financial well-being of Cube Developments with strong acumen. Kirsten previously worked in commercial real estate with a national agency providing her the ability to identify and analyse new business.

Daniel Ryan

development manager

Daniel Ryan joined Cube Developments in 2018. He studied Property Economics and Development at University of the Sunshine Coast (USC). He previously worked in commercial real estate both in local and capital markets for a national agency. Daniel is responsible for overseeing the development portfolio and provides direct engagement in project delivery from initiation, plus client and consultant management.

Craig morrison

Sales Associate

Craig Morrison has been with Cube Developments since 2017. He studied Information Technology and Business Management at University of the Sunshine Coast (USC). Craig’s unique business nature has led him to successfully startup numerous companies for later divestment. At the same time, Craig has entered into a property marketing and sales focus, earning a reputation for a high velocity of transactions and market leading knowledge. He oversees the sales team and marketing strategy of multistorey residential projects.

Steve HOrridge

Sales Associate

Steve Horridge has been with Cube Developments since 2015. He previously worked both in domestic and international markets specialising in project sales across subdivisions and apartments for various developers, agencies and private clients. Steve’s dedication and commitment has developed into longstanding relationships and an extensive network of contacts. Steve’s recent projects include Allura Coolum, Plantation Rise and Curve Birtinya.

Jamie Vibert

Sales Associate

Jamie Vibert joined Cube Developments in 2018. He studied Commerce and Economics at University of the Sunshine Coast (USC). Jamie’s enthusiasm, determination and attention to detail has quickly established his strong capability for project sales of multi-storey residential projects. He continues to play a key role both in sales performance but also marketing implementation and positioning. Jamie’s recent projects include Beach Life Alex and Curve Birtinya.

Sheldon Busch

Sales Associate

Sheldon Busch joined Cube Developments in 2020. He previously worked for a national residential agency and specialised in project sales of subdivisions on the Sunshine Coast. Prior to this he held a management position in news and marketing giving him broad exposure to print media avenues and marketing networks. Sheldon’s recent projects include Glenfinnan Estate, Everton Place and Plantation Rise.

Sarah Busch

Interior Designer

Sarah Busch joined Cube Developments in 2019. Sarah has played a vital role in the project planning and design direction across residential dwellings, commercial tenancies and multi-storey apartments. Sarah is responsible for client liaison from purchase to settlement. Her eye for superior finishes and selections has proven she is ahead of the market trends and provides a level of detail that clients desire. Sarah’s recent work includes the Cube Developments Display Centre, Allura Coolum & Beach Life Alex.

Cube Developments is an Urban Development Institute of Australia Member.

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