The Do’s and Don’ts of Apartment Styling

The Do’s and Don’ts of Apartment Styling

While smaller spaces may feel difficult to style, they do come with a lot of potential. When moving into an apartment, you’ll be surprised by how much style and function can fit when using the right strategy.

Continue reading to hear our top tips on styling your apartment to perfection!


Don’t overcrowd

Though you might be excited to fill your space, overcrowding can make your rooms feel smaller than they really are. Make sure you scale down the size of your furniture, and avoid adding unnecessary items to ensure you have maximal space. 


Embrace minimalism

Whilst having objects on display can make a house feel like home, it can quickly make a smaller space feel cluttered. We encourage you to embrace modern minimalism, stripping your room back to the core and adding decor one by one.


Make use of built in storage

All Cube Developments’ apartments come with clever and considered built in storage! This is done with the intent of making your home feel spacious and refined. Make sure you make use of your storage and store away items that aren’t used regularly.


Use mirrors

Mirrors are a simple design hack for smaller spaces that give the illusion of more space. By bouncing natural light across the room, large mirrors in your living room can cleverly make the space appear bigger. Mirrors also add a chic look to your space.

Take your time

Cube Developments’ apartments provide the perfect blank canvas for you to make the space your own. Take the time to get to know your apartment and how you will use it! The best spaces are always those which evolve over time.