Understanding interest rates and their impact

Understanding interest rates and their impact

What has been an interesting time in the Australian economy, shifts in inflation, interest rates, and demand have had strong impacts on the property sector. 

Following a large boom on the Sunshine Coast, on the back of rising interest rates we are now seeing buyers acting cautiously when it comes to purchasing property, but there are still many options in the market that make it possible to build or buy your dream home within your budget. 

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Interest rate trends in the Sunshine Coast market

The RBA brought the cash rate down to a record target of 0.1% throughout 2021 in an effort to encourage spending and economic growth. However now, as the economy begins to speed back up and inflation increases, the RBA is rolling away from such low rates, with gradual rises bringing it back to 2.85%.

It’s not all doom and gloom

Whilst this may seem like a large increase, the Sunshine Coast became a high target for buyers seeking a coastal change throughout the pandemic, with homes having had their prices double in five years, signifying strong growth in the market.

Continuously adding value into the property market, The Sunshine Coast remains to be a great investment. Cube Developments’ projects present many different options to choose from, and we have an entire team dedicated to helping you navigate this journey. 

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